Summer Week Sales & Events


Perennial plants come back bigger and better year after year. We have the best varieties for either sun or shade.

Vegetable & Herb Plants

Click Here to see our wonderful selection of varieties of vegetable & herb plants.


Click Here for a bountiful selection of quality flowering annuals and tropicals! We can give you some tips for filling out your own garden!

Trees and Shrubs

Our nurseries are filled with fresh flowering and fruiting trees, evergreens and shrubs that thrive in our Iowa landscape.

House Plants

They are great to have around to make you feel good and some actually help clean the air.

Floral Arrangements

Click Here to let our bouquets be the messenger of your deepest emotions. Discover the artistry of flowers where floral dreams come to life.

Memoral Gifts

Click Here for Memorial gifts that are a thoughtful way to express your condolences during difficult times. Our collection of memorial gifts offers a unique and heartfelt way to pay tribute to those who have passed.

Plant Pharmacy

All plants, whether they thrive outdoors or indoors, require a touch of care. With our expert knowledge and a wide range of gardening essentials, we provide the nurturing support your plants need to flourish.


Dress up your plants, patio, or even one of your rooms in your house with beautiful pottery or planters

Tulip Bulbs

In the fall of the year comes planting season for Tulip, Daffodils, Hyacinths, and Crocus bulbs to be planted for their winter sleep before coming to life in the spring.


Bring on the color! Autumn breaks out all over at The Flower Court with fall-planted bulbs, perennials, and fall mums.


Experience the magic of Christmas at The Flower Court. Fresh Christmas trees, colorful porch posts bursting with warm holiday greens and colorful accents, Christmas succulents and more!


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